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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Featured Product: 1900 VFD Pump

The 1900 VFD Inline Pump with Variable Speed Drive is designed to enable building owners and managers to operate buildings with greater efficiency and achieve significantly reduced energy costs.

Thanks to its variable speed drive, the 1900 can match system flow to actual heating and cooling demands, reducing the motor speed when full flow is not required, thereby reducing the power needed and the electrical energy used.

To learn more about the 1900 VFD, download product details, instruction guides, performance curves and more, click here.

The 1900VFD is part of Taco's e-smart family of products, which means it is designed and built to provide greater system efficiency and comfort, while reducing life-cycle costs and improving overall HVAC system performance.

Learn more about the Taco e-smart family of products.

iPhone Pump Selection App
Now you can use the Taco Pump Selection Wizard as an app on your iPhone with virtually all the functions of the wizard you use now on the Taco website.

Download the free Taco Pump Selection app from the Apple iTunes store.

With our recent update, the app is easier to use and you can drill down deeper into individual pump selections.

Just like on the Taco website, the Pump Selection app enables you to select pumps on flow and head conditions you choose, search the entire Taco document library, contact Taco Tech Support and email your pump selections right from within the app.

Download your free app at the Apple iTunes store, or check out our original Pump Selection Wizard on the Taco website.

Taco Social Media Roundup
Follow the discussions, join the conversation and see the latest developments in Taco's social media.
  • Exterior construction of the Taco Innovation Center is complete and the interior work is accelerating—including installation of a chilled beam installation of Taco's LOFlo System hydronic cooling system. There are 14 videos that document the project. Here's the latest one.
  • How does adopting green building practices affect a project? What are the financial implications of designing green? How do you decide when green building is "worth it?" These are the ongoing conversations on Taco's Advanced Hydronics Facebook page, and in our Commercial HVAC Design community.
  • Listen to the latest green podcast by Contributing Editor Lynne Phipps, interior architect and green building advocate in the Taco Commercial HVAC Design Pro community. What does Lynne have to say about documenting the LEED project? Find out here.

Remember, you can find what you need any time at including product catalogs and submittal data sheets, CAD files, Revit files, FAQ's and comprehensive technical support.

I hope to see you there soon.

Tim Smith