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iWorx Connection June 2012

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Sales and Marketing Update - June 2012
A newsletter to share the progress of iWorX with our Sales and Marketing Partners

Rep Corner

Terroni on a Tear: Penn Foundation Project and Expanded Distribution
BJ Terroni has landed the largest iWorX order to date. With over $70,000 of iWorX controls for the Penn Foundation Project, in addition to over $80,000 of additional Taco product, this project is a signature installation for iWorX, Taco, and BJ Terroni.

Based on our Chilled Beam (CHB2) controller, this installation provides a dramatic view of the capability of iWorX, chilled beams, and our LOFlo products. With the help of Jeff Pitcairn, Eastern Regional Commercial Sales Manager, Tim Doran, Eastern Regional Sales Manager for iWorX, Greg Cunniff, Manager of Application Engineering, and Greg's team, Taco was able to work with Sean Conner and the Terroni sales team to provide an innovative solution for this building project.

The project is a ground source heat pump system using 175 chilled beams for heating and cooling in approximately 100 zones. The hydronic system uses storage tanks for heating and chilled water charged by the geothermal heat pumps. Our new iWorx HPM1 controller does the staging of the heat pumps. From here a LOFlo hydronic distribution system provides heating and chilled water to the chilled beams using our new LOFlo Mixing Block (LMB) in each zone. Each LMB is controlled by our CHB2 chilled beam controller to optimize the chilled water supply temperature to the chilled beams slightly above the dew point in each room. The LOFlo system is able to use a large delta T for the chilled water system of 16F. This reduces the flow rate, pump horsepower and pipe sizes by approximately 75%.

In addition to the standard iWorX package, Taco provided total system integration with the use of the GCI (Niagara Interface) to create application sequences that were required to deliver a total control solution for this client. Dubbed TACO SYMPHONY, the iWorX product suite including the GCI and Open Protocol controllers allowed Vic Pelletier, Taco controls consultant, to provide a total integration package for a seamless building controls solution. The power of iWorX and Taco is on full display at the Penn Foundation Project.

Expanded Distribution
With the help of Dave Huston, Terroni's iWorX champion, a week of successful training meetings were held in the Pennsylvania market. Dozens of contractors, engineers and controls specialists attended the meetings. Most significant was the addition of Engineered Equipment and Controls in Allentown, PA.

As a certified Johnson FX distributor (Facilities Explorer), they are a multi-million dollar Johnson Controls distributor. After seeing the capabilities of iWorX, the simplicity of our integration package with Taco's Symphony Suite of Products, they have decided to incorporate iWorX into their product offering as their small building controls solution of choice.

Emerson Swan Rolls On
Broad Scope of Projects
As a market leader, Emerson Swan is doing a great job launching iWorX in their territory. With projects like the dormitories on the Redstone campus at the University of Vermont, Cedar Glen Assisted Care Center, Laconia New Hampshire Court House, Salem Massachusetts Police Station and numerous other high profile projects, the Applied Products team at Emerson Swan, led by John Williams, is making significant inroads in market development.

Performance Application for iWorX
Working with the Taco iWorX team, Emerson Swan has developed a unique application for iWorX. In an effort to curb skyrocketing utility costs, iWorX introduced a controls solution to manage the rooftop HVAC units and refrigeration coolers in a chain of supermarkets. The package includes DXU3 units as well as ALM controllers which provide an alarm feature if refrigeration coolers or freezers are left open after a specified time period, as well as monitor freezer and cooler temperatures.

This unique package creates a cost effective solution for shared savings with the grocery chain owners and the control consultants. The iWorX controls package has been installed in 3 locations to date with a number of additional installations planned. Again, iWorX proves to be a whole new revenue stream for Taco and its' sales representatives.

iWorX on Treasure Island?
John Grose at JTG Muir Associates in Oakland has successfully completed the Robert Louis Stevenson School installation in Carmel, CA. With the help of Western Application Engineering specialist, Enrique Munoz, the controls package was designed with iWorX to control the HVAC package, including boilers. The engineering staff at the school was so impressed with iWorX and the assistance that was provided in developing the engineering drawings and application help by John and the Taco team, that they opted to remove the existing BAS system and replace the entire controls package with iWorX.

As the author of Treasure Island, Robert Louis Stevenson created a legacy that is encompassed in this exceptional learning facility. iWorX is a proud partner in ensuring that the comfort and efficiency guidelines established for this installation are achieved.

Projects in Progress
  • KL McCoy – Detroit MI: 30 Story High Rise Retrofit in Toledo, Ohio. Basis of design will be iWorX. Nearly 300 controller's onsite!
  • Hydronic Systems – Oklahoma City, OK: First Security Bank Building in Tulsa, OK. Job ordered and currently under construction. First of 29 retrofits/new bank installations.
  • Diversified Fluid – Miami, FL: Basis of design and base bid on Florida International University AHC-5 Stempel Building Addition. Over 180 iWorX controls on chilled beam project with LOFlo and additional Taco products.
  • McCoy Sales – Denver,CO: Alamosa School. iWorX controls and Taco pump are the basis of design.

New Product Update

CHB2 – Chilled Beam Controller
Our product development team has been busy finalizing the iWorX controllers for our new Innovation and Training Center in Cranston. Centerpiece of the developments has been the new CHB2 chilled beam controller. With a sophisticated dew point calculation algorithm, the CHB2 provides total control of a chilled beam system, including a 0-10 output for our LOFlo mixing block. The CHB2 assumes all control functions, greatly simplifying chilled beam installations while significantly reducing system costs.

GCI – Niagara Interface
The GCI is a significant addition to the iWorX product line. This product forms the heart of what we call Taco Symphony, a full suite of integration products that allow iWorX to be a seamless part of most building BAS systems. The GCI is available in several models, with the proper communications card installed, Pro Builder licenses, and the Taco and Harmony JAR files. For more information on the proper application of the GCI, contact your iWorX Regional Sales Manager.

TS200 Stat
A new stat addition to the iWorX family, the TS200 is used with the BZU3 to provide control of both radiant floor and room temperatures. The dual thermistor inputs allow a floor temperature to be maintained for floor warming, while providing individual room control settings. The TS200 also allows users to set temperatures right at the thermostat for maximum convenience and ease of use.

Niagara training in full swing at Taco

Certification Exam training completed
We're proud to announce that Taco's iWorX engineering staff has successfully completed the Niagara Certification training program. In fact, 3 of our control pros scored perfect 100 scores on the exam. This now gives Taco 6 Certified Niagara professionals. This training in integration technology provides Taco iWorX and its' customer base a powerful tool that allows iWorX to become part of any BAS system platform, expanding sales opportunities for Taco and our sales representatives. We plan on holding a Go To Meeting and Webinar Series on the Taco Symphony suite of products to educate and illustrate on the use of the GCI and integration products that now form the nucleus of iWorXs' expanded capabilities.

Our new Innovation Center will showcase the broad control capabilities of iWorX as well as the ability to provide seamless integration across a variety of network architectures with Niagara framework at the heart of the integration capabilities. Congratulations to the Taco iWorX Tech team on their Niagara Certification test results.

New Reps Appointed

As we continue to build out the iWorX distribution and sales platform, we're pleased to announce the appointment of a number of new iWorX sales representatives:
  • Neal and Associates in Dallas, TX
  • LWA Associates in Austin and San Antonio, TX
  • Innovative Air in Boise, ID
  • Hydronic Systems in Oklahoma City, OK
  • J.M. O'Connor, Kansas City, KS
  • The Hill Co., Indianapolis, IN
Welcome to the iWorX team. We look forward to making this a significant revenue stream for your agencies and Taco.

I hope that you enjoy reading about the development of iWorX in the marketplace. We are excited at the significant growth we are experiencing and the success that this is providing for all of us. Along with your Regional iWorX Managers, Tim Doran and Ric Turmel, I look forward to our continued work together as we create market share for Taco products.

Roger Michaud
National Sales Manager

Taco Electronic Solutions