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Major Update to FloPro Designer System Software

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Major Update to FloPro Designer System Software Now Available for Download

You can now download the faster, more versatile FloPro Designer 3.0 system design software from the Taco website.

FloPro Designer software is as intuitive as a sketchpad, but greatly more capable. With FloPro Designer, users can conduct a detailed heat loss analysis, lay out near boiler and system piping, size and select all system components (including boilers), develop a materials list and generate a variety of professional-looking documents.

FloPro Designer is free to all members of the Taco FloPro Team contractor development and support program. The program is also free to join for residential plumbing/heating/hydronic system installers.

FloPro Designer 3.0 includes more than two dozen enhancements and added capabilities including:
  • The "side drawing" capability now allows installers to draw up a complete boiler room to scale with every component, pipe size and length, pump model, ball valve and boiler type included. Designer can draw the picture, print it out and give it to an installer who takes the illustration to the job to be installed exactly as shown.
  • More floor plan detail.
  • Updated boiler wizard makes drawing an entire mechanical room as easy as answering a few questions.
  • New "Cycle Annotations View" toolbar button makes working with text annotations a snap.
  • New condensate neutralizers for use with condensing boilers.
  • New glycol feed system.
  • New hydronic pipe materials including, stainless steel 304/316 in various schedules and Viega and Aquatherm products.
For a video demonstration of some of the new features, click here.

For complete details and to download your free copy of FloPro Designer V.3, click here.

See Taco's BumbleBee Ad Insert
In Industry Publications This Month

Taco's 6-page Bumble Bee ad insert runs this month in PHC News, Contractor and Plumbing & Mechanical magazines.

The new Bumble Bee is Taco's variable speed, wet-rotor circulator with high-efficiency ECM motor and Delta-T variable speed control. The Bumble Bee's ECM motor requires only 9 to 42 watts, depending on the load.

The Taco Bumble Bee is re-defining energy-savings smart pumps. Cutting electrical consumption by up to 80% is only the beginning. Because the Bumble Bee reacts to how many zones are open and how cold it is outside, its infinitely variable speed ECM motor then pumps to deliver ONLY the BTU's needed to match the actual heat loss — which can save hundreds of dollars in fuel.

Because of the Delta-T operation, the entire system runs at peak efficiency every day, with no boiler short cycling. Homeowners are more comfortable, and they're saving electricity, PLUS fuel — lots of it!

In addition, the programmable pump offers new plug-in remote temperature sensors, a digital display that reveals real-time watt usage and gpm flow, and 360 rotating flanges.

For detailed information on the Bumble Bee, click here.

And for all Taco product information, our complete Document Library and our family of Wizards, please visit Taco any time, 24/7, at

Thanks for your interest.

Mark Chaffee
Director of Residential Marketing