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Acclaimed Pump Selection App Now Available for iPad, iPhone

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Download the Free Taco Pump Selection App 2.0
For the iPad and iPhone With Powerful, New Features

Taco's acclaimed Pump Selection app 2.0, with powerful, new features, is now available for the Apple iPad and iPhone.

The app, which makes choosing a pump for hydronic systems faster and more convenient than ever, can be downloaded now from the Apple iTunes store.

The iPad is the first tablet for which the Pump Selection app is available. A version for Android tablets will be released in the coming weeks.

In the field, on job sites or in the office, anywhere an Internet connection is available, users can take advantage of the many powerful features of Taco's Pump Selection app 2.0:

  • Select variable speed pumps
    • Draws up to 10 variable speed performance curves based on user input (minimum RPM) with tabular data showing impeller and system curve intersection values of flow, head and horsepower.
  • Select pumps in parallel
    • Draws performance curves and system curves for single pumps and combined performance of up to 5 pumps in parallel.
    • Provides tabular data for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 pumps in parallel.
    • Provides tabular data for performance and system curves intersection values of flow, head and horsepower.
  • Select pumps for fluids other than water (water-glycol mixes, etc.).
  • Select Single Pumps
    • Draws system curves and pump performance curves on one chart
    • Draws system curves illustrating deviations in design head based on user input (Deviation +/-%).
    • Draws system curves for open systems based on user specified static head input.
  • One-click access to Taco Document Selection Wizard and full Taco Document Library.
  • One-click access to entire Taco website:
  • One-click call or email to Tech Support.
  • One-click to find a Taco sales representative.
Also new in this version is the ability to access all Taco training videos for various commercial and residential products, such as: Get your copy of the latest update of the Taco Pump App 2.0 here or visit Taco at

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith