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Back by Popular Demand:
Enter to 'Borrow Barba' for a Day

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Back by Popular Demand:
Enter to 'Borrow Barba' for a Day

Now, for the third consecutive year, you have the chance to "Borrow Barba"–Taco's top trainer John Barba, that is–for a full day of...whatever you want.

John will be at your disposal to conduct training, drive a truck, work on a jobsite or be your "gofer." It's up to you for a whole day.

The winner of the first year's contest, Wisconsin Contractor Eric Aune, used John to troubleshoot a job, size a circulator for a new system and replace one in an existing system. Then John washed his truck, mowed his lawn and made him a grilled cheese sandwich.

Last year, winner Terry O'Connell of Hulbert Brothers Supply, Plattsburgh, NY, had John conduct a hydronics seminar for 45 customers, review the blueprints of a new project, clean up the piles of papers on his desk and paint the company's break room.

Again this year, John won't show up empty handed. He'll be carrying a Bumble Bee High Efficiency Variable Speed Delta-T Circulator and a fistful of Zone Sentry Zone Valves, so we're sure he will be doubly welcome.

How will you put John to work when you, "Borrow Barba?" Enter here for your chance to win.

Featured Product: Bumble Bee High Efficiency Variable Speed Delta-T Circulator
The new Bumble Bee Variable Speed Delta-T Circulator is designed to give you the best of both worlds–the electrical efficiency of an ECM motor and the total system efficiency of a variable speed circulator.

Bumble Bee's Delta-T variable speed control maximizes the overall efficiency of your hydronic heating systems, because it maintains the designed-for Delta-T under all conditions. No fixed-speed circulator can do that, and neither can a European-style Delta-P circulator.

Bumble Bee is ready to use right out of the box. It is factory-programed to work at a 20 degree Delta-T, so in most situations, no additional programming is necessary. A bright, easy-to-read display toggles between showing watt consumption, GPM flow and its current operating mode. The swivel flanges and special "nut grabber" feature that holds the hex shape of the flange nut make Bumble Bee quick and easy to install in any situation.

Bumble Bee is engineered for energy savings, ease of installation, versatility in the field and ultimate comfort. It's another Taco product designed and built so you can do your best work.
  • ECM motor reduces electrical consumption by up to 85%.
  • Taco's exclusive Delta-T technology boosts that savings by 15 — 19 times.
  • Maximizes boiler efficiency, reduces short cycling.
  • Matches flow to actual heating load.
  • Guarantees the best performance of any system you install or upgrade.
  • Out-of-the-box settings and 360-degree swivel flange makes installation quick and easy.
Click here for complete information on the Bumble Bee and to see the Bumble Bee in action in a "classic" New England hydronic system.

Visit Taco at It's the best place to go on the web for a wealth of Taco product and application information, technical support and HVAC news.

I hope to see you there soon. Thanks for your interest.

Mark Chaffee
Director of Brand Marketing