Get Effective Pump Control with SmartDrive+TSL

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Get Effective Pump Control with SmartDrive+TSL

Putting the right controls on your next pump is as easy and effective as choosing SmartDrive+TSL (integrated Taco System Logic).

Whether you're working on a Delta-P system or a Delta-T LoadMatch® system, a SmartDrive+TSL drive, sold as an integrated package exclusively with Taco pumps, is the smart choice. It's easy to add, easy to set up and there's no need for additional controllers.

Perfect for secondary distribution pumps and constant speed primary pumps, our smart drives can set up the balancing for chillers and boilers, and even modulate secondary pumps and track system flow.

TSL Optimizes Pump Performance
Taco System Logic controls the variable speed drive to optimize pump performance. Setpoints and controls are programmed at our factory to allow our pumps to run at much lower pressures than most industry professionals would consider.

In addition, Taco Fault Tolerant Control maintains control even when the feedback signal wire is compromised. Pumping at much lower speeds will consume substantially less energy and require less maintenance, so along with peace of mind, you get superior efficiency, responsive comfort, and reduced life cycle costs all in one neat package.

Learn more about including the SmartDrive+TSL option on your next Taco pump.

Free Design Tools for HVAC Pros

We have a range of design tools for free download to make a variety of hydronic system design tasks quicker and easier to accomplish.

Taco Hydronic System Solution
The Taco Hydronic System Solution (HS2) design suite slashes
the time required for hydronic system design.

  • Design and compare HVAC systems.
  • Eliminate recalculation time for changes.
  • Calculate plant total loads, flows.
  • Size pipe and equipment.
  • Select and schedule equipment.
  • Reduce errors.
  • Make design changes quickly and easily.
  • LoadMatch® Wizard allows modeling of systems in minutes.
Using HS2, you can design an entire LoadMatch® system from top to bottom in just 30 minutes.

Learn more and download HS2 here.

The Taco Load Tool
Use the Load Tool to make formerly tedious, pencil-breaking tasks mouse-click easy:
  • Interactive tools eliminate recalculation time for changes.
  • Default values for design parameters reduce input time.
  • Drag and drop capability allows grouping of room loads to higher level terminal and systems quickly and easily.
Learn more and download the Taco Load Tool here.

The Taco System Analysis Tool
Compare different system configurations on the fly within the design process to save time and find the most efficient system solutions.

  • Selection software for HVAC Systems.
  • Interactive tool eliminates recalculation time for changes.
  • Quickly and easily compare HVAC system operating and life cycle costs at beginning of project.
  • System selection Wizard allows quick modeling of preconfigured systems.
Learn more and download the Taco System Analysis Tool here. TacoNet® 7.0
TacoNet 7.0 is our premier product selection and specification tool for Taco equipment. Long acknowledged by the industry as the easiest software of its kind, TacoNet gives you all you need to save time and avoid errors. With TacoNet, you can:
  • Enter all data quickly from one screen.
  • Print submittals and schedules.
  • Save data.
Learn more and download TacoNet software here.

FloPro Designer for Residential Installers & Contractors
FloPro Designer 3.0 is the system design software made to meet the hydronic system design needs of residential professionals. Intuitive as a sketchpad, but far more capable, with FloPro Designer you can:

  • Conduct a detailed heat loss analysis.
  • Lay out near boiler and system piping.
  • Size and select all system components, including boilers.
  • Develop a materials list.
  • Generate professional-quality documentation for the job.

FloPro Designer is available free exclusively to members of the Taco FloPro Team, contractor support and development program. If you're not already a member, join here.

FloPro Team members, download your free copy of FloPro Designer 3.0 here.

For design software and all things hydronic, remember to visit Taco online 24/7 at

Thanks for your interest.

Mark Chaffee
Director of Brand Marketing