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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Featured Product: The Zone Sentry® Zone Valve

Taco's Zone Sentry® Zone Valve is head and shoulders above any other zone valve in the HVAC industry.

The Zone Sentry's unique patented technology utilizes a microcircuit based logic to control a gear driven electronic actuator which drives a ball valve-based body design.

Installation is fast and efficient. The Zone Sentry features bi-directional flow, so you can't install it backwards. The actuator mounts on the valve in either direction, and there's a quick-release actuator mounting clip. A handy indicator shows the ball valve's actual position and a multi-function LED helps make troubleshooting trouble-free.

All these features mean the Zone Sentry delivers industry-leading performance in:
  • Energy efficiency. (Uses up to 93% less energy than other commonly installed zone valves.)
  • Flow capacity (Cv).
  • Shutoff pressure rating (125 PSI).
  • Ease of installation.
  • Diagnostic capability.
  • The number of valves (12) that can be used on a standard 40VA transformer.
The Zone Sentry can handle all your typical installations plus difficult situations such as condensing environments or normally-open applications where the valve sees long periods of powered time and limited cycling.

The Zone Sentry's wide variety of configurations means you can choose just the right one for your application. It's available in sweat and threaded models, in 2-way and 3-way configurations, as the Geothermal Zone Sentry and as a NSF61-certified Potable Zone Sentry.

Get complete information here.

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Mark Chaffee
Director of Brand Development