Introducing the Taco SelfSensing Series With ProBalance™

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Introducing the Taco SelfSensing Series
With ProBalance™

A revolutionary development that engineers and contractors will welcome

Introducing the Taco SelfSensing Series with ProBalance; an integrated self-sensing control for our KV and KS vertical inline pumps with patent pending DIY pump balancing.

Taco SelfSensing with ProBalance will be of considerable help to engineers and contractors in completing their tasks, and it reduces the need for controls and balancing contractors in the commissioning and start-up process. It also helps projects stay within budget when LEED certification is an owner-driven objective.

This revolutionary product applies to both constant and variable speed pumping and allows easy upgrading of an entire system without the need for remote sensors or complex, expensive wiring. The VFD's self-sensing capabilities enable the user to accomplish easy do-it-yourself system balancing for both constant flow central plant applications and variable flow building distribution applications.

How does it work?
The Taco SelfSensing Series with ProBalance integrates a Taco KV-KS pump and a variable frequency drive together in a single unit. Pump performance and characteristic curves are embedded in the memory of the speed controller during manufacture. This data includes power, speed, head and flow across the flow range of the pump.

During operation, the power and speed of the pump are monitored, enabling the controller to establish the hydraulic performance and position in the pump's head-flow characteristic. These measurements enable the pump to continuously identify the head and flow at any point, providing accurate pressure control without the need for external feedback signals from a sensor.

Three modes of operation
The SelfSensing Series can be run in constant flow mode for chiller/boiler pumps (primary), system curve mode for variable flow pumps (secondary), and constant pressure mode for booster pumps. All three modes reduce energy consumption and result in less hardware wear and tear to increase pump life.

Constant Flow Mode
SelfSensing CONSTANT flow is self-balancing and automatically adjusts speed to maintain user-defined flow set point.

Variable Flow Mode
SelfSensing VARIABLE flow adapts to system pressure variations and auto-
matically follows the system resistance curve to meet demand.

Automatic balancing
Pumps equipped with the SelfSensing controller pinpoint true system resistance without inducing false head, balancing internally and automatically. This means lower install costs, no errors in setpoint, and a simplified construction schedule. It is the fastest, most efficient way to balance a pump.

Providing ultimate pump protection and electrical safety
Integrating the pump's hydraulic data into the controller and removing sensors results in true integration of all components and removes the risk of sensor failure. The Taco SelfSensing Series with ProBalance provides automatic alerts (with optional shutdown) for no-flow, dry-run and end-of-curve operation, so there's no chance of destroying the pump seal if a valve is left closed or should the system lack water. And it is electronically protected for overload and locked rotor conditions.

Improving system efficiency with less wear and tear
As an example of how Taco SelfSensing reduces speeds to improve the life of the pump, a typical constant flow balanced pump will run at 1760 rpm @ 60 hz. With Taco SelfSensing, the same pump will run at 1458 rpm @50 hz. This simple adjustment saves the bearings and seals 150 million cycles in a year! So not only are we able to improve system efficiency at lower rpms, but we are also lowering maintenance needs and increasing pump life.

Delivering on a LEED Objective
Delivering on a LEED objective is costly enough so anything that can assist in keeping equipment budgets in an acceptable realm is a welcome delivery to the owner. Employing Taco SelfSensing with ProBalance pumping provides best practices at less cost, with less contractors involved. With do-it-yourself balancing from Taco we can help a LEED team get the job into their budget and help buildings meet LEED Platinum certification.

Delivery details
Initial deliveries are available for KV pumps 1.5 hp — 10 hp and 1.5 hp — 60 hp for KS pumps. We expect to have models available up to 600 hp within the next six months.

Thanks for your interest.

Eugene Fina
Sr. Product Manager - Commercial Pumps