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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Taco Previews New Website, Project Builder
And Upgraded Apps at AHR Expo

Soon to be the new home page on the Taco website.

Taco will preview a new website with a powerful new application called Project Builder, and more flexible, responsive product selection apps in Booth No. 521 during the AHR Expo 2014 next week in the Javits Center, New York City.

The Taco website has been entirely redesigned to deliver information to site visitors more quickly and in an easier-to-read graphic format. Visitors will be able to navigate through the site using the traditional text method or the new visual format.

On the newly-designed site, a product search, for example, will return thumbnail photos and descriptions from which site visitors can quickly choose those products that meet the specific criteria of their project. Once site visitors narrow their search to a product, or small selection of products, they can easily download and view all relevant documents.

The results of a pump search on the new website.

"We redesigned the site from the ground up specifically to improve the user experience," said Tim Smith, director of marketing programs. "We want hydronics professionals and consumers to get the information they need as quickly and as intuitively as possible."

Following its preview at the Expo, the new site will go live for all site visitors around the end of January.

'Project Builder' Speeds, Simplifies Creating Design Files
Taco's new Project Builder application on the Taco website helps hydronics professionals
to make short work of creating the design files they need for their projects, including specifications, and technical documents. The app makes it faster for users to select products and assemble the necessary information into project schedules.

Once a product is selected, the user can "tag" and add it to the Project Builder with a single click. Documents relevant to the product, such as pump curves and submittal data sheets, also can be automatically added. As the user adds more products, Project Builder keeps a running record.

The user can create, save and modify multiple projects at any given time. When the project documentation is complete, the user can export all schedule files as an Excel spreadsheet. Project Builder retains projects until the user deletes them.

Project Builder is another segment in what eventually will be end-to-end project design support for hydronics professionals. It will be available to all site visitors when the new website goes live at the end of this month.

New, Web-Based Product Selection Apps Are Easier to Use
Taco's family of product selection apps for desktop and mobile computing have all been upgraded to a web-based format so users no longer will be restricted by their individual operating systems or devices. The apps include upgraded versions of those included in TacoNet.

The apps make it easy to select pumps, expansion tanks and heat exchangers, as well as locate documents, CAD files, wiring guides and Pro-Fit parts on the Taco website. All apps are integrated with Taco's Project Builder for maximum convenience.

Previously, Taco offered its TacoNet package of selection software for the Windows operating system only. Now, the apps need only an up-to-date web browser to provide full functionality on desktop computers and many smartphones and tablets.

The new selection of apps will be part of the new Taco website when it goes live at the end of January.

Make sure to visit Taco in Booth No. 521 at AHR Expo 2014 to see our latest products, systems and design tools for hydronics professionals.

Thanks for your interest. I hope to see you in New York.

Mark Chaffee
Director of Brand Marketing