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Taco Update: News from Taco

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Featured Product:
Expanded SKV & SKS SelfSensing Pump Line

Taco's line of innovative SKV & SKS SelfSensing Pumps has been expanded to include a number of higher horsepower models to accommodate the needs of a broader range of commercial buildings.

The new higher horsepower pumps open up larger and more varied application types that can take advantage of the pumps' powerful SelfSensing technology.

Coupled with Taco's ProBalance capability, SKV & SKS pumps offer many advantages for new and retrofit jobs, chiefly in their ability to reduce commissioning costs by quickly balancing the system.

Close-coupled SKV SelfSensing Pumps are now available from 1.5 HP to 60 HP. The pumps are available with optional AEGIS shaft grounding rings, silicon carbide seals and the drive detached from the pump for shipment.

Split-coupled SKS SelfSensing Pumps are now available in models as large as 250 HP down to 1.5 HP. Optional AEGIS shaft grounding rings, silicon carbide seals and the drive detached from the pump for shipment are available in pumps from 1.5 HP to 250 HP.

Taco's ProBalance technology is an ideal complement to the full range of Taco SKV & SKS SelfSensing Pumps. ProBalance pinpoints true system resistance without inducing false head, balancing internally and automatically. As a result, hydronics professionals, building owners and facility managers reap lower installed cost, no errors in setpoint, a simplified construction schedule and no risk of sensor failure. The pumps include automatic alerts (with optional shutdown) for no-flow, dry-run and end-of-curve operation, and are electronically protected for overload and locked rotor conditions.

Click here for more information on Taco SKV & SKS SelfSensing Pumps with ProBalance.

Meet Two Winners Who Did Their Best Work and Showed It
The votes have been counted and two winners have been selected in our second annual Do Your Best Work contest.

Michael Curry of Curry Plumbing, Olathe, Kansas, built his winning project in his shop in Kansas, then shipped it more than 1,000 miles to Ontario, Canada, where it now heats a large, luxury bed & breakfast. The system is large in both size and capacity. It has 18 zones operating at 14 different temperatures and includes six different sizes of Taco pumps.

Michael started the business in 2003 after purchasing his first residential hydronic heating system, which was, "very expensive, complicated and didn't work very well," he says. "I learned from the installer's lack of understanding and believed I could deliver pre-engineered and assembled hydronic systems to jobsites as modern radiant appliances," Michael adds. It looks like he was right.

Jay Lawrence, owner of Brown Plumbing & Heating, Butte, Montana, won for his photo of a 9,000-sq.-ft., three-zone office installation. This light commercial job was the first where Jay used Taco Bumble Bee pumps, which, he says, helped make the project a success. In business for some 19 years, Jay is a long-time fan of Taco products and a recent member of the Taco FloPro Team.

Thanks to everyone who entered photos in our Do Your Best Work contest. Keep up the good work, and better luck next time.

Preview Taco's Latest Trade Magazine Ad
Here's an advance look at the Taco full-page ad that will be appearing in major industry magazines next month.

Taco SelfSensing Series Pumps with ProBalance are changing the way hydronic systems engineers and designers think about their systems and the energy those systems consume. Now with the iWorX ProView module, hydronic professionals can monitor and tweak system performance to maximize energy savings from their laptops.

Look for our ad in key industry publications in March.

Thanks for your interest.

Mark Chaffee
Director of Brand Marketing