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New Apps on the Taco Website Help You
Find the Right Products Faster than Ever

Four new product selection apps on the new Taco website make finding the right product for any job easier and faster than ever. Now, by simply entering product criteria into the app, you can quickly find a selection of products to meet your job requirements. The new product selection apps include:




These apps, along with the Pump Selection app that has long been available, comprise a suite of powerful on-line tools designed to help commercial and residential hydronics pros. Taco is also currently developing mobile versions of these apps as well as selection apps for other product categories.

All product selection apps work with Project Builder:

  • Taco's powerful new web-based productivity tool.
  • Saves time.
  • Eliminates paperwork.
  • Increases accuracy.
Using data from the product selection apps, Project Builder helps commercial hydronics engineers and designers to quickly select the right products and assemble all related project files.

Selecting a product in any of the selection apps automatically opens Project Builder, where the user can choose to add the product to an existing project, create a new project, proceed to other product selections or browse the website. Click to see a Project Builder tutorial.

In addition to Project Builder, and the new selection apps, Taco's redesigned website features separate navigation options for commercial and residential site visitors. See the new site for yourself.

Be sure to visit Taco's new website. It's loaded with new features that help visitors zero in on the residential and commercial products and systems they want. It's open 24/7 for your convenience.

Thanks for your interest.

Tim Smith
Director of Marketing Programs