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Latest News

Cranston, RI, September 8, 2006 - Taco, Inc. has issued an updated version of its Twin Tee pipe fitting brochure. The Taco Twin Tee is designed for use in Taco's single pipe LoadMatch® system but can also be used in conventional primary-secondary two pipe hydronic systems.

The new brochure contains new product graphics, information on new sizes and complete metric information.

Taco's Twin Tee comes in sweat, threaded and grooved models available in ductile iron and bronze construction.

The Twin Tee fitting is used with single pipe LoadMatch systems to connect terminal unit secondary piping circuits to their primary piping circuits. Use of the Twin Tee reduces installation and maintenance costs, as well as saves on space.

For a secondary circuit piping connection to a primary circuit, two Twin Tees and four field joints are required in the primary piping circuit. Use of Twin Tees reduces the number of fittings and primary circuit field joints by half, and saves on installation time. Along with a reduced number of field joints required, potential leak paths are also reduced, saving on operational maintenance.

To obtain a pdf copy of the new Twin Tee brochure, visit www.taco-hvac.com. Under the Products heading on the homepage, click on Systems and then on the LoadMatch System category - you will find the Twin Tee brochure under Catalogs.

Taco, Inc., located in Cranston, RI, is a leading developer and manufacturer of hydronic based products and systems, like LoadMatch®, for use in residential, commercial and institutional buildings worldwide.

For More information Contact: Doug Bird, Taco, Inc., 401.942.8000/doubir@taco-hvac.com.