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X-Pump Block™ (XPB)
The Taco X-Pump Block™ (XPB) is another breakthrough in the design, control and installation of radiant systems that delivers unmatched flexibility in a single unit. It is equally effective when used with open or closed systems, barrier or non-barrier tubing and where the system heat source is a boiler or water heater.

The Taco X-Pump Block™ combines a variable speed mixing control, a heat source circulator, system circulator and heat exchanger in a single unit. This combination delivers complete system isolation between the heat generation side of the system and the heat delivery side, whether radiant tubing, glycol based snowmelt, baseboard, etc.

As with Taco’s popular Radiant Mixing Block® (RMB-1), you can set the XPB to operate as an Outdoor Reset control, a Setpoint control or a Delta T limiting control without having to use special piping, balancing valves, closely-spaced tees, external controls or complex wiring. All you need are four pipe connections and the installation is complete.

The XPB is ideal for contractors who may be installing a furnace-based air system and would also like to provide radiant heat for the kitchen, bath, sunroom or a “radiant ready” basement package. You can also readily combine the XPB with an existing water heater to easily retrofit radiant into any home.

For traditional hydronic heating installations, the XPB offers a pre-sized, pre-engineered total solution to system isolation. Its ease of installation and compact, space-saving size also make it a great choice for snowmelt systems where antifreeze needs to be added to part of a system, or for pulling off a steam boiler to create a separate pressurized loop.
  • Use as an outdoor reset control, a setpoint control or a delta T limiting control.
  • Requires only four pipe connections for complete installation.
  • Does not require special piping, balancing valve, closely spaced tees, external control or complex wiring

Video: X-Pump Block (XPB)